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Printed notes with all subjects



NOW AVAILABLE!  2 Hour Presentation - 'How to Read Your Own Hand'

1/2 Day Workshops - For Beginners

  • Also Accredited Training Course in Level 1 and 2 (12 Weeks)

Contact Katherina now for further details:
P: 0408 621 282
E: Please use our contact form


How to Read your Palm (PowerPoint - 7mb)



Learning Self Healing Techniques through the Art of Meditation by Raising One's Vibrational Frequency allows you to Channel Energy through the Body to bring about a state of Balance Harmony A Sense of Well Being and Peace of Mind.

These sessions are available by appointment only



An A5 Booklet based on the 7 Energy Centers' of the Body accompanied by 7 Chakra Cards for Meditation & Self healing.

A full explanation of each of the Chakras, their energy & color along  with a selection of appropriate Healing Flowers & a How to use guide.'

This delightful & informative little Booklet with Cards also contains additional information on clearing negative energies and making your own infusions

Available for purchase on request.

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