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T: 0408 621 282

PERSONAL READINGS give you the Guidance & Clarity you require to deal with the issues that you are currently experiencing.
Face to Face in Buderim using my experience & skill as a Palmistry Analyst with Clairvoyant Guidance & Tarot
PHONE READINGS are equally as accurate using Palmistry Analysis, Astrology and Clairvoyant Guidance.

FOR PHONE READINGS you will need to complete the following steps

  • Step 1: Make your appointment time.

  • Step 2: Pay online.

  • Step 3: Email a daylight photo of your palm on a flat surface with the camera directly above it & the Fingerprints too.

  • Step 4: Your birth date. Birth time (if possible) AND birth place.                                 Reading is for 1 hour.


Please use Contact Page & Request a Quote.

READING TIMES:  Availability is 9am to 3pm, 7 days per week.

GIFT VOUCHERS are also available.

Katherina is both Clairvoyant & *Claircognisant, combining Intuitive Insight with Practical Analysis spanning three decades.

  • *Claircognisant is the Empathic Ability to ‘Know’ or ‘Sense’ the Information.

  • Katherina gives Clarity & Confirmation, combined with Wisdom and practical Guidance.

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