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My Readings give you the Guidance & Clarity you require to deal with the issues that you are currently experiencing.
Face to Face in Buderim using my experience & skill as a Palmistry Analyst with Clairvoyant Guidance & Tarot
Phone Readings are equally as accurate using Palmistry Analysis, Astrology and Clairvoyant Guidance.


(using FaceTime on iPhone)

  • Step 1: Make your appointment time.

  • Step 2: Pay online.

  • Step 3: Email a daylight photo of your palm on a flat surface AND your birth date. Birth time (if possible) AND birth place. Reading is for 1 hour.

Phone readings are equally as accurate as private readings.

OTHER READINGS include Face to Face and Small Party Groups. Availability is 9am Friday to 3pm Tuesday.

GIFT VOUCHERS are also available.

Katherina is both Clairvoyant & *Claircognisant, combining Intuitive Insight with Practical Analysis spanning three decades.

  • *Claircognisant is the Empathic Ability to ‘Know’ or ‘Sense’ the Information.

  • Katherina gives Clarity & Confirmation, combined with Wisdom and practical Guidance.