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Amazing Books to Buy

An exclusive variety of Instruction Books to Guide you on Your Journey to Health Wellness & Personal Development

Written Edited & Formatted by Katherina with Graphic Designs by Lina Milano

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Books to Buy

Chakra Healing with Flowers with an accompanying set of 7 Chakra Cards

This book will give you detailed instructions on how to Meditate on each of the Chakra Centers focusing on the matching Card and Color

In it you will also find a list of flowers for each of the Energy Centers and additional information on making your own Infusions and clearing negative energies

 Meditations and Self Healing Techniques

These guided Meditations have been specially chosen to assist you on your journey to a higher state of Conscious Awareness with a Special Section on Crystals

Astrology made Easy

A unique and Original approach to The Time Honored Art of Astrological Interpretation

Designed with "Easy to Follow Images" and Charting


This exclusive selection of books has been written edited and formatted by Katherina 

giving you the benefit of her knowledge gained from 40 years of training research and study.



Chakra Healing with Flowers + 7 Chakra Cards





Meditations & Self Healing Techniques with a Special Section on Crystals

Astrology Made Easy for Beginners with lots of Easy to Follow Images, Explanations & Charting

Meditations & Self Healing Techniques
Chakra Healing with Flowers
Astrology Made Easy

Palmistry Analysis is not available - any interest please contact Katherina directly.

These books are available for purchase with Print on Demand

Make your choice and email Katherina for pricing which includes free delivery within Australia

International shipping will incur an additional cost of Currency exchange and shipping 

Delivery time is 2 weeks depending on location

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