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My speciality is working with Divine Guidance using my psychic ability to ‘tune into your Auric Field’ using Tarot Cards & Palmistry.
Having been gifted with these abilities through my lineage & passed down from Grandmother to Mother.


Katherina has also achieved over many decades, intensive training with “School of Light” Brisbane Bill Cook Edwards 3yrs. Gaining experience in Meditation, Accessing the 7 Planes of existence channelling information, healing energy and a great deal more.


Also studied Buddhist rites healing technique  &  The 7 Spiritual laws of Yoga.  Cert. in Reiki healing. Crystal therapy. Diploma of Past Life Regression. Brian Weiss.  Author of One Soul Many Bodies.


Palmistry Analysis & Tarot Studies – 10 yrs. Brisbane “Qld. Palmistry Guild” and 20yrs of practice in both Western and Eastern Astrology.

To this day Katherina maintains a daily practice of Meditation Tai Chi & Yoga.



"Good morning Katherina. Thank you so much for an amazingly insightful reading of Friday. I am still feeling it, integrating it. 💛🙏✨"


"Good morning Katherina, just wanted to thank you for the reading on Friday. I have listened to the recording twice now and each time get

more and more out of it. I am so excited about the future and the direction in which I am headed. Warm regards"



"Hi Katherina, thank you for your Reading. I appreciate your help very much. I re-listened to the reading last night. I love your insightfulness and beautiful wisdom. You truly are a gem. A precious light in this world. I look forward to meeting up with you again when I return. Warmest regards"



"​Hi, I had a reading with you yesterday up at Mooloolaba. I am the Kinesiologist/ Massage Therapist. Thanks for the reading I enjoyed it, I felt I could of had a lot longer though. I will be in touch again in the future."




"My first reading with Katherina was in 1998.  Katherina told me that I would be moving to the Gold Coast, I would be writing books and travelling the world speaking to groups of people, which at the time I thought was hard to conceive.   It is now 2019 (21 years later) and everything that Katherina told me has now come to fruition.  I moved to the Gold Coast in 2002, in 2017 I self-published a book and in the last few months I have been offered a contract with a London-based publishing company, who wish to take my book world-wide. Recently, through a friend, Katherina and I were to meet again.  I asked Katherine to read for me once more and she continued the reading like it was only yesterday.  I find Katherina to be an amazing reader, who I am so glad to have met all those years ago. Katherina, may you continue to serve in the way that you do... innately, intuitively and passionately. With the utmost gratitude and respect."

Darcy Green







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